The #1 Tip for Content Creation from 15+ Industry Leaders

We are wrapping up the #ContentCreateHustler series with a round up of content creation tips from guest experts!

In this 4-week series, I have been teaching you the simple process I use to create content that makes content creation easy and even fun and now we get to see the #1 tip from 15+ industry leaders!

Are you ready for this?

The #1 Tip for Content Creation from 15+ Industry Leaders

Before I get to the AMAZING tips, here are all the posts in the #ContentCreateHustler series:

  1. How to Hone In on Your Purpose, Niche and Audience
  2. How to Determine Your Content Style and Frequency
  3. Why Promotion is Just as Important as Creation – If Not More!

Now onto the good stuff!

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I have broken down the tips into 7 main categories – each one important.


Come up with 5 themes or “pillars” that your business is based upon. You can then break these 5 themes down into smaller topics that you can create content in relation to instead of always wondering what to create content about. It keeps things very streamlined and the content you create will always be relevant to your business this way!

Gabby Bogan
Time Management Mentor & Biz Strategist for Mompreneurs
Gabby Bogan


List the 5 things you want to be known as an industry expert for, pick the 5 platforms you want to show up on, then start making lists of content ideas by topic and platform you’ll post on. Content creation by bucketing.

Megan Knapp
Startup Coach & Business Strategist
Megan Knapp Coaching


Align with Business Goals

Always align your content with your marketing calendar. This allows your message to be purposeful, intentional and on mission, which is building your brand, your tribe and loyalty.

Monica Lynn
Content Strategist and Writing Coach
Monica Writes


Think about your overall business goals both now and in the future, and create content in line with that but also in line with your heart. Don’t create certain content because you feel like you should. Create content that comes from your heart and will resonate with your readers’ heart.

Brianna Wilkerson
Health, Business and Purpose Coach
Made Well


Don’t Over Complicate It

Break your process down into tiny, manageable steps and then take the first one. Even if it means opening a new google doc and titling it “Content ideas”. Don’t try to be perfect from the start (or ever, really) – just write, test, tweak, repeat. The more you create and put your content out there, the better you’ll get and the more you’ll get to know your audience (their needs, their pain points, what resonates etc). Same goes for content creation systems – try one and see if you like it. If not, try something different. There isn’t ONE right way of doing it, so don’t try to find it. Find what works FOR YOU instead.

Hanna Saar
Mindset & Strategy Coach
Dreamer Society


Stop making it so complicated. What’s the ONE THING that your dream client needs to hear today? Share that. Over and over, in whatever format you can.

Also, I like to think of content (and copy) as nothing more than a love letter. Just write a little love note to your dream client (knowing their heart), reminding them that you get them and providing a little nugget of value to support them.

And one more. We want to give our people EVERYTHING. But everything all at once isn’t digestible. It’s overwhelming and paralyzing. Give your people a bite-sized bit of value/content at a time!

Kate K McCarthy
Writer and Brand Voice Mentor
Kate K McCarthy


Done is better than perfect, so release the pressure of the perfect content creation system and don’t try to figure it all out before you start putting your message out there. It’s okay to try something out, see how it feels and always tweak and adjust, learn and grow!

Allie Davis
Business & Mindset Coach
Allie Davis – Courageous in Christ


Create things that feel authentically you. Use a mix of value, with real moments, all branded to match your business flawlessly. If you don’t have time to get this done in your busy everyday: plan it out/schedule it a month in advance!

Shelby Kincer
Branding and Social Media Strategist
The Sweet Hot Mess


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Connect with Your Audience

Make sure that your content is engaging and that your creating connection with a two way conversation.

Anna Frandsen
Business Mentor & Coach for Women Entrepreneurs with Online Businesses
Anna Frandsen


Be laser-focused on what type of content will be valuable to your ideal audience. This is essential to building a following that will eventually buy your products or services.

The key to doing this, creating this content, is to actually know your ideal audience and work on cultivating a relationship with them. Then you’ll know their needs, intimately, and be able to provide solutions to their problems.

By providing valuable content and creating genuine relationships, you’re building an audience that will like you and trust you. You will form a loyal following, and you’ll be able to continue meeting their needs in the future.

Content creation is the ultimate form of great customer service.

Morgan Myers
Copywriter and Brand Content Strategist
Morgan Myers Creative


Understand your audience. My audience is millennial women between the ages of 25-34. This audience loves memes and videos. Women also tend love colors like pink, purple, and light blue. So I create content that falls under those categories and that makes my content stand out to my audience. This also increases engagement because my audience is more likely to interact with content they like!!!

Brittney Moffatt
Social Media Strategist and Content Creator
According to Brittney



Go With The Flow

Go with the flow. When you feel aligned and ready to pump out content that makes sense for you and your brand, then pump it the heck out! Make a day of it. Clear your schedule. Simply make your ONE task for that day to create as much content as possible. On the days when you’re forcing it and you’ve written two lines of email and spent three hours on Facebook in between those two sentences, it’s time to throw in the towel. Your pull is toward something else that day and that is fine! Part of what holds entrepreneurs back from creating stellar content is forcing it and feeling guilt when they aren’t producing content. Break the cycle and shut down that guilt! Create when you’re aligned or don’t create at all.

Allie Williams
Online Business Manager
Allie Williams


Only write when you feel like writing! If you’re writing when you’re feeling uninspired then your content just isn’t going to turn out as good as you hoped.

Jenny Suneson
Social Media Manager and Digital Media Strategist
Confetti Social


The Process

Batch your content creation when possible to save time and be more efficient.

Caitlin Howard
OBM & Business Strategist
Blissful Biz


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Create a content library of everything you write up and use that to re-purpose your content. You’ll never run out of ideas and you’ll always have something fresh to post!

Gina Lambert
Business Strategist, Productivity Expert and Performance Coach
Gina Lambert


Do an educational livestream giving 3 actionable tips on a juicy topic of your specialty. Put that video on your YouTube Channel, boost it on your FB Biz page, put 60 seconds of it on your Instagram + even create a Pin for it! One piece of content that will work hard for you!

Michelle Lewis
Visibility Expert
Visibility Vixen


Pick a content medium that you can repurpose in multiple different ways– ideally a recorded video or a streamed video. You can take the video recording and turn it into an audio training, or transcribe it into a major blog post. Depending on how you snip and modify these mediums, you could make a month worth of social media content based on one single live stream! Bonus if you’re able to schedule the transcribed snippets in advance.

Clair Kim
Systems + Tech Strategist
Clairly Designed


That’s A Wrap!

I am so excited that you have finished the #ContentCreateHustler series. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

And to make it easier for you, I have bundled all three workbooks into one so you have them all in one place. Be sure to snag it below.

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Let me know in the comments below how much you enjoyed this series and what you would like to learn next!

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