Wanna get ahold of me? Read the below FAQs, and if you still have a question, then simply reach out via the form!

Hey there!

Thanks for your interest in connecting with me! Below you’ll find the best ways to contact me based on what you are looking for.

For the quickest response, I would join my free Facebook group for female entrepreneurs The Lovely Entrepreneur Society (as I am in there pretty much every day)!

Are you looking for design, tech, or business advice? The "let me pick your brain" type questions?

First off, it means the world to me that you came to me for advice. The best place for these types of questions are in my free Facebook group The Lovely Entrepreneur Society. And here is a good chance that I’ve already covered a topic on my blog, my podcast, or in my Facebook group. If you do email me, I will do my best to answer it (if time permits), or will turn it into a blog post (as I am sure others have the same question). Thank you so much for understanding!

I want to hire you.

I am currently pivoting and revamping all of my service offerings so I can better serve you. Keep an eye out on the website to see when they’ve launched!

I want to submit a guest post.

I am not accepting guest posts of ghostwritten content. Thank you for your interest though.

I want to submit my product for review or place an ad on your website.

I am currently not interested in placing ads on my site. If you have a product/service that you feel would be of interest to my readers, I am open to reviewing PAID sponsorship opportunities. But I only endorse products/services that I 100% believe in (which is why you will RARELY see a sponsored post on my site).

I can help you with X, Y, or Z.

Thank you so much for your interest is working for me. However, I am happy with my website and its performance, my social media presence, SEO efforts, etc. Please do not reach out to me proposing work. If and when I am ready to hire, I already have my go-to team. A cold reach out will never result in work as I am a firm believer in building relationships. 🙂

I have another question.

If I didn’t answer your question above or you just want to say hi, then you can contact me at or fill out the form below.

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