10 Killer Display Fonts That Immediately Stand Out

My love for fonts continues in this post. But this time I want to share with you some killer display fonts that are really fun and eye catching. Display fonts are really meant to stand out and attract a viewers attention. And I feel these 10 fonts do just that.

10 Killer Display Fonts That Immediately Stand Out

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1. Authen Brush Font – $12

10 Killer Display Fonts - Authen

I love the paintbrush feel to this font.

Check out the Authen Brush Font.

2. Moalang Pro – $12

10 Killer Display Fonts - Moalang Pro

This font has so many features including uppercase, lowercase, numerals, punctuation, accents (multilingual characters) and titling alternates.

Check out the Moalang Pro font.

3. New York Font – $12

10 Killer Display Fonts - New York Font

This font has an amazing grunge marker feel and would be perfect for logos.

Check out the New York font.

4. Aurellia Font – $14

10 Killer Display Fonts - Aurellia

I love the big curves that are shown in the uppercase letters and the vintage-y feel to the brush style. This font also comes with a bonus font (shown in the words “less” and “more”)! Such a great pairing!

Check out the Aurellia font.

5. Seaport Font – $15

10 Killer Display Fonts - Seaport

I see this font and I immediately think how amazing it would look on Instagram graphics! A bonus of this font is when you purchase it 10 trees are planted!

Check out the Seaport font.

6. Harper Script – $16

10 Killer Display Fonts - Harper

This font comes in 5 weights: regular, rounded, outlined, rounded/outlined, and letterpress texture.

Check out the Harper Script font.

7. Indigo Summer Font Trio – $16

10 Killer Display Fonts - Indigo Summer Trio

This is an AMAZING trio! One that I snagged up myself! This trio includes: Indigo Summer Script font (with an alternate set of lowercase letters and 8 swash sets), Indigo Summer Upright Script font, Indigo Summer Serif and Sans Serif fonts, PLUS 160 hand drawn vector illustrations!

Check out Indigo Summer Font Trio.

8. Hastagirl Chic Font – $12

10 Killer Display Fonts - Hastagirl Chic

This font comes in three variations plus a bonus font to pair with it!

Check out the Hastagirl Chic font.

9. Succulent Font – $12

10 Killer Display Fonts - Succulent

A fantastic hand-lettered font!

Check out the Succulent font.

10. Hola Bisou Font – $16

10 Killer Display Fonts - Hola Bisou

This font just makes me happy. It was another one that I have already snagged up. It is such a fun font with lots of extras such as patterns and elements.

Check out the Hola Bisou font.

Final Thoughts

Fonts are probably one of my favorite design elements. They can change the whole feeling of a piece.

Which display font above is your favorite?

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