30+ Free Stock Photography Sites

It seems like every single day I see fellow online entrepreneurs and bloggers looking for free stock photography to use in their blog posts. I totally understand that not everyone is a professional (or even decent) photographer and that having high-quality photography can make or break a blog.

Even I use stock photography. Now the photos I currently use on this site are from a paid stock photography subscription at Haute Stock, I have used plenty of free photos in the past.

30+ Free Stock Photography Sites

If you don’t think good photography is important, then think about when you browse Pinterest. Which images catch your eye?

Is it the too dark or out of focus, poor quality pin? Or is it the crisp, detailed and perfectly lit pin?

I’m pretty sure it’s the latter.

So if you are not good with a camera or don’t even have one at the moment, then that is where stock photography comes in. And you can find some pretty amazing and free stock photos. No need to pay for them in the beginning.

Free Stock Photography Sites

* A word of caution first … be sure to read the license agreements for each photo. I would create a file on your computer with the photo and a screenshot of the license. That way you will always remember (1) where you got it and (2) the license of the photo.

Do you use stock photography, take your own pictures or a combination of both? Let me know in the comments below!

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