Top 10 Must-Have iPhone Apps for Online Entrepreneurs

It is crazy to think that I have been in the online space for almost 8 years now – from blogging to becoming an online entrepreneur.

The thing I love about it, is that I can work pretty much from anywhere. And that includes from my phone.

I can get work done while I’m in line for a ride at Disneyland, in the wait room at the doctor’s office and even in the car (when someone else is driving of course!)

Top 10 Must Have iPhone Apps for Online Entrepreneurs

And while I can’t get EVERYTHING done on my phone I do in my business, here are my top 10 must-have iPhone apps for online entrepreneurs and bloggers that make my life so much easier.

 Tiny Calendar

1. Calendar

A calendar is ESSENTIAL as a business owner.

I even told my mom to send me a calendar invite for when she wanted me to come over and make cookies! She thought I was kidding. (I wasn’t!)

But the thing is, a perk of working for yourself is setting your own hours. I work best in the afternoon and evening and many of my friends and clients have day jobs, so it is not uncommon to have a call at night.

The calendar that comes with the iPhone is okay, but I felt I needed something a little more robust.

So I use Tiny Calendar Pro. My favorite feature is the 8 standard views – day, week, month, 4-days, year, mini-month, week agenda and agenda.

But ultimately just choose a calendar you like and will use! That is the KEY.

Client Communication Tools

2. Client (and Prospective Client) Communication Tool

Being in communication with your clients has never been easier. There are so many ways beyond just email.

A few ones I like using are Skype, Voxer, Slack, Zoom and even Facebook Messenger.

Each tool has its benefits and drawbacks. And it is up to you to decide which one or ones that are best for you, your business and your clients.

For example, I use Slack exclusively for clients. This is the primary form of communication for a few. Skype and Zoom are used for both existing clients and prospective clients as well as for coffee chats with fellow boss babes!

Project Management Tools

3. Project Management Tool

I have always been a pen to paper sort of girl. In fact, I usually write blog posts in a notebook before I ever bring them online. It is easier for me to organize my thoughts.

Want to know the problem with using pen and paper to organize your business?

You always have to have it on you!

And if you are like me and can never remember where you put something or have dozens of notebooks with your thoughts scattered, it isn’t serving you or your business.

You need a place where you can see everything in one place, what tasks you need to work on, and a place to collaborate with your team and/or clients.

I have been debating between Trello and Asana for awhile. I FINALLY decided that Asana (while not as pretty as Trello) was the best suited for my needs. However, with client work I am actively using Asana, Trello and Wrike.

I know it is insane and I recommend sticking to one platform if possible. And it is definitely a personal choice on which one is best for you.

Asana is great if you are a to do list sort of person, though they have introduced boards that are similar to Trello. The big advantage is that you can see everything on one calendar, Trello is board specific.

Trello is great if you are a post-it note sort of person. It is way more customizable and you can set beautiful backgrounds.

So… are you an Asana or Trello person?

Google Analytics

4. Google Analytics

If you have a website, you should have Google Analytics installed! (If you don’t know how to do this, check out my post How to Install Google Analytics).

I don’t think this one really needs any explanation. 🙂

I will say though, that even if you have Google Analytics installed on your phone you shouldn’t be checking it everyday. There is no need to get obsessed with watching your traffic numbers. But it is always good to have for the occasional spot check or if say you are in the middle of a launch and want to see where your traffic is coming from and what is working best.


5. Evernote

I love Evernote. I definitely recommend it over the note app that comes with your phone.

My favorite part is that it can be accessed from your phone, computer and online. This way you will always have access to your notes!

Plus they are searchable, you can create different notebooks and can even tag them.

I actually use Evernote to manage blogging group tasks among other things.

Google Drive

6. Google Drive, Docs and Sheets

While I use Evernote to keep track of my notes, I use Google Drive (with Docs, Sheets and Slides) to create documents, spreadsheets and slide decks. It is nice to be able to access these documents on your phone with Google Drive. But to edit them you need the individual apps. All of them are definitely worth it!

I actually don’t even have Microsoft Office anymore! I use these pretty much exclusively!


7. Dropbox

You might be wondering why I need Dropbox if I already have Google Drive.

The reason is simple. I use them differently.

Google Drive is more for documents, especially for creating new ones that I want to be able to edit. Dropbox is where I store backups of my work, client work and all of my stock photography for easy access.

Do you create a lot of Instagram posts on your computer? I prefer to upload them to Dropbox so I can access them on my phone!

Social Media Scheduler

8. Social Media Scheduling Tool

If you have an online business, you are probably using at least one social media platform. And with that comes scheduling tools.

I currently use SmarterQueue (which I don’t think has an app but I could be wrong) but I’ve used Buffer and Hootsuite in the past and for clients.

Instagram is a unique case though! I use an app called Plann for it. It is super easy to use and I can easily see how my feed will look and it has a hashtag library!

Social Media Helper Tools

9. Social Media Helper Tools

So I don’t know the actual term for these apps. But basically you should have a few apps that help with the creative side of your social media when you are on the go.

I like Boomerang to make fun little videos and then Tag O’Matic for hashtag research. Also a photo editing app or two to create a consistent look and feel is a must.

Payment Processor

10. Payment Processor

You need a way to collect payments in your business – whether that be PayPal, Stripe, Square or something else.

I am actually patiently waiting for the Dubsado app (use my link for 20% off) as it is my CRM system. It is how I send contracts, invoices, questionnaires, etc.

And if you have the app installed for nothing else but to hear the ding when someone buys from you, that is reason enough.

Final Thoughts

Being a graphic designer and tech strategist there are just somethings I have to be on my computer for. But these apps help me run my business from my phone when I have to.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve got a client inquiry while out and about that I have been able to answer right away through Facebook Messages.

These apps are supposed to make your life easier and allow you to work from just about anywhere.

So tell me… what is your favorite iPhone app that you use to run your business?

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Must-Have iPhone Apps for Online Entrepreneurs”

  1. Lindsey, what a fabulous post full of killer resources!
    I currently use so many of these tools on my iPhone & have got to say, probably couldn’t live without them now that I’m so hooked!

    I recently got started with Trello & am still learning the ropes. However, despite my total new-ness to the program, I’m absolutely loving it so far!

    I’d love to know what it is about Asana that you love more over Trello if you wouldn’t mind sharing with me?

    Much love,
    Elley xo

    1. Hi Elley!

      I will admit it was a tough choice! I started with Asana then moved to Trello because of an agency I contract through used it at the time and I loved how visual it was and you could make it SOOO pretty. But one thing I didn’t like was that the calendar you had to enable and was only available for the board itself. So each board in my organization had to have its own calendar and I couldn’t see everything in one place.

      With Asana, I can have multiple projects in an organization and as long as they are assigned to me and have a due date I can see them all on one calendar. And you can assign dates to sub-tasks. The checklists in Trello you couldn’t.

      So really the calendar was the BIG thing for me!

  2. Right now I am loving TICK TICK – I had to find another TO DO list app because my other one wasn’t updated for like 10 years and stopped working… But Tick Tick is definitely my new favorite!

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