Say Goodbye Freebie Seekers, Hello Buyers!

Growing your list AND income at the same time is not only possible, but easy with the Lead Launchpad™ Toolkit.

Why Just Having A Freebie Doesn’t Work Any More (and What To Do Instead!)

I hear it all the time in the online space – You have to grow your list to have a successful launch.

And then it is usually followed by the conventional advice of creating a killer lead magnet to showcase your expertise and what you have to offer completely for free.

Then you launch, and guess what? You hear crickets. 🦗🦗🦗

So you create a brand new freebie, thinking it was your freebie’s fault your launch wasn’t successful.

Could that have been the case? Sure.

BUT what if I told you that maybe it wasn’t the freebie itself, but rather the type of person you attract with freebies?

Don’t get me wrong, freebies can be amazing (in fact, I have three!)


But, the fact is...

Freebies help you build a list of people with very little skin in the game.

I mean all they had to give you was their email address, right?

Too many times people sign up for a freebie and don’t even open it.

It is on their “read me later” list and they aren’t really losing anything by not opening it. No rush, no fuss!

What if I told you there was a better way?

A way to guarantee you are building a list of qualified buyers and not just freebie seekers.

Oh, hey there!

I’m Lindsey Aleson and I am a Certified Master Marketer, Funnel Strategist and Tech VA.

I love helping my students and clients figure out how to automate, optimize and streamline their business.

In fact, it is my jam!

I have supported countless entrepreneurs plan, set up and launch their own funnels, including their very own Lead Launchpads™.

I truly believe that when your business is working FOR you (and not the other way around!) that magic happens.

This is when you can truly grow, make pivots, take time off, and really do whatever your heart desires.

And creating a Lead Launchpad™ to start building a list of buyers is the first step to that.

So are you ready?


Lead Launchpad™ Toolkit

Say goodbye to overwhelm with this jam-packed bundle filled with all the resources + tools you need to plan + launch your first (or next!) Lead Launchpad™ with ease!

This toolkit is perfect for the entrepreneur looking to grow a list of buyers — not just freebie seekers — no matter the industry.


Creating irresistible offers that will build your list and your income at the same time (so you can actually grow your business instead of just wishing you were)

Intentionally planning out your Lead Launchpad™ offer suite (so you can ensure your customers are moving up your value ladder)

Planning to launch your Lead Launchpad™ in just 30 days (so you start seeing results sooner rather than later)

Knowing #allthethings that need to get done before launch (so you can rest assured that you won’t miss a step)

Automagically calculating the number of leads you need to hit your income goal (so you can know if your Lead Launchpad™ is actually converting)

You can do all this and more inside the Lead Launchpad™ Toolkit with...

Training #1: How to Create A Lead Launchpad™ to Grow A List of Buyers

A $297 Value

First things first, you will learn EXACTLY what a Lead Launchpad™ is, the pieces and tech needed to create your own, and even how to optimize so you aren’t leaving money on the table.

Training #2: How to Create An Irresistible Offer That Has People Saying “Heck Yes, Take My Money!”

A $297 Value

A Lead Launchpad™ is a very special type of tripwire and it focuses on selling not just any offer, but an irresistible offer. This training will cover the five elements of an irresistible and my signature 2-Point Irresistible Offer Test™.

Tool #1: Lead Launchpad™ Planner

A $97 Value

The place most business owners fail when creating a Lead Launchpad™ is not intentionally creating it to move people along their value ladder. This planner will help you take a step back, so you can plan an offer that actually does that.

Tool #2: 30-Day Lead Launchpad™ Launch Timeline

A $47 Value

You can go from idea to launch in just 30 days. Use this timeline to plug in your ideal launch date and it will automagically map out a timeline to help keep you on track for your Lead Launchpad™ debut.

Tool #3: Lead Launchpad™ Launch Checklist

A $97 Value

A Lead Launchpad™ has so many moving parts, but with this launch checklist you can rest easy knowing that all the critical steps will get done prior to launch.

Tool #4: Lead Launchpad™ Goal + Conversion Calculator

A $97 Value

You have BIG goals for your Lead Launchpad™ and I want to help make sure you reach them. This easy-to-use calculator will show you the numbers you need to hit in order to reach your goals and if your Lead Launchpad™ is converting as it should.

PLUS… some incredible bonuses just for you!

Bonus #1: Offer Idea Bank

A $97 Value

In the Irresistible Offer Training, you will learn what makes a great offer. This Offer Idea Bank will take that one step further and share over 50 offer ideas in the eight offer categories!

Bonus #2: Offer Product Mockup Templates

A $97 Value

Showcasing all the amazingness in your Lead Launchpad™ is so important, so I have created a bundle of 10 different offer mockup shots in Canva just for you.

Bonus #3: Notifications on Text/Slack Training

A $97 Value

Imagine waking up to “Woohoo! You’ve made a sale!” notifications. They are easy to set up and they can help keep you motivated as you launch your Lead Launchpad™!

Grab Your Lead Launchpad™ Toolkit today for ONLY $37.


When you invest in the Lead Launchpad™ Toolkit, you officially become part of the squad. And trust me, I take care of my people! Can you say #squadgoals?

Because really, I’m an entrepreneur, just like you. I work hard for my money (anyone else bursting into song here? Just me? That’s cool!), and I never want you to feel like you’ve wasted yours on something that should have been a freebie.

Admit it. I know you’ve been there too!

I stand 100% behind my toolkit. I’ve poured my heart and soul into this to create the toolkit I wish I had when I was first starting out.

But the best part is…you don’t even have to take my word for it!

While I can’t guarantee that this toolkit will make you a million dollars, I am certain that you will learn a lot and receive some incredible time saving tools to make your Lead Launchpad™ creation a breeze.

And if you’re not 100% satisfied with the toolkit within 30 days, I will give you a full refund, cross my heart.

Here’s the deal...

I know your time (and money) are valuable and I don’t want to waste any of it.

That is why I put together this toolkit.

It saves you time, energy, and unnecessary stress when it comes to planning and launching your very own Lead Launchpad™.

Because you know what?

I’ve helped so many business owners who’ve been in your shoes. Maybe they saw someone else’s Lead Launchpad™ and tried to figure it out on their own, or they’ve taken another program only to be left confused and not knowing what to do next.

I don’t want that to happen to you.

Because you don’t know what you don’t know until it is too late! And believe me, that is not a fun position to be in.

So I want to make my Lead Launchpad™ Toolkit a no-brainer for you.

Instead of its regular price of $197, I’m practically giving it away for just $37!

(and no, I’m not crazy! I promise.)

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of factors, such as if you are creating a brand new offer or not. BUT regardless of which route you choose, you can 100% plan, create, and launch your very own Lead Launchpad™ in just 30 days.

Can it be done in less time? Absolutely. 

It just depends on how quickly you work. I just recommend that you don’t trade speed for quality, but on that same note, don’t wait for perfection either!

Honestly, a Lead Launchpad™ is great for just about any business in any industry.

It is perfect for service providers, coaches, content and course creators, bloggers, and even product-based businesses.

There are so many possibilities and ways to make it work for you!

The toolkit is a bundle of trainings, tools and bonuses to help make planning and launching your Lead Launchpad™ a breeze.

You’ll receive:

  • How to Create A Lead Launchpad™ to Grow A List of Buyers Training
  • How to Create An Irresistible Offer That Has People Saying “Heck Yes, Take My Money!” Training
  • Lead Launchpad™ Planner
  • 30-Day Lead Launchpad™ Launch Timeline
  • Lead Launchpad™ Launch Checklist
  • Lead Launchpad™ Goal + Conversion Calculator
  • BONUS: Offer Idea Bank
  • BONUS: Offer Product Mockup Templates
  • BONUS: How to Set Up Notifications on Text/Slack for Each Sale Training

Yes! You will receive an email after purchasing with the subject line “[OPEN UP] Your Lead Launchpad™ Toolkit is inside!” that will provide you login credentials to the members area.

How does lifetime sound? You will also get any future updates included for free!

And just so we are on the same page, please note, lifetime means for the life of product.

I stand by my 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. Don’t worry, no hard feelings here. BUT, I am always trying to improve my products, so if you have a suggestion — let me know!

Grab Your Lead Launchpad™ Toolkit today for ONLY $37.


Are you ready?

The way I see it, you have two choices…

You can start Googling, binge watching YouTube, or even creating a Pinterest board full of blog posts, and piece together all the information you need to plan and launch your Lead Launchpad™.


You can save hours of your time and make the tiny investment of just $37 in your business. What do you have to lose? Remember, once you invest you become part of my squad which means there is a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee! So take that leap of faith. You, your business AND the lives you’ll impact with your Lead Launchpad™ will thank you!

Say goodbye to freebie seekers today. 30 days is all it takes to start building a list of buyers!

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