Ready to ditch the stress of the tech set up for your funnel?

Launch Your SLO Funnel in Just One Day!

You’ve got the idea.

You’ve got the content. .

You are so close to launching..


… you could figure out the tech side of things.

But you’ve got more important things to do then stress about integrations & automations.

This isn’t a “you” problem by the way. I see it all the time, and the truth is:

You can’t be an expert at everything.

You excel in YOUR zone of genius, that is why people come to you.

So let’s normalize hiring out for things OUTSIDE of your zone of genius.

Things like tech set ups!

I mean life is short, no use in wasting time doing things you don’t enjoy.

That’s where I come in...

My name is Lindsey and I’m on a mission to banish the overwhelm when it comes to all things tech so you can get your creations out into the world.

The sooner you get your SLO funnel ready for launch, the sooner you can start building a list of buyers, not just freebie seekers.

Introducing The Lead Launchpad VIP Day

A day dedicated to the set up, integration & testing of your SLO funnel tech so you can finally launch the dang thing!

How Does The Lead Launchpad VIP Day Work?


Once we officially set your Lead Launchpad VIP Day date, you will receive a jam-packed onboarding guide with everything you need to plan, write, and create your very own Lead Launchpad.


The week of your Lead Launchpad VIP Day, we will get together for an hour-long kick-off call to go over your project from top-to-bottom, to make sure I am crystal clear on your offer, tech stack, and have all the required materials.


The day of your Lead Launchpad VIP Day, I will get to work behind the scenes setting up your SLO funnel with everything from integrating the tech, setting up the email automations, and more!


Once the setup is complete, I will test, test, and test some more! I will go through your funnel multiple times (& in multiple ways) to ensure that any bugs are found and fixed, so you are ready for launch with confidence.

Wondering Who An SLO Funnel is Right for?

I currently offer Lead Launchpad VIP Days to…

Service Providers


Content Creators

As a VIP Day Client, you will also get these extras:


Whether you are creating a brand new offer suite or have an offer suite in mind, this planner and checklist will help you make sure you have everything completed and ready to go for the VIP Day.


This email template bundle will help you plan and write your purchase confirmation emails, abandoned cart sequence, upsell emails, and more. No more staring at a blank screen.


This Canva template bundle will help you create effective digital product mockups to be used not only for your Lead Launchpad funnel but for so much more.


I know launching a new funnel can be scary, so to help with the overwhelm, you will receive 1 week of Voxer support for any questions that come up post launch.

Are you ready to bring your Lead Launchpad into the world? I can’t wait to find out!

I take on just two Lead Launchpad VIP Day clients per month and it is an investment of $1,500.

I’d love to see what you’re up to, and learn more about your project. I have a few questions to make sure we’re a good fit, and then you can schedule a call with me to go over any questions you might have.

Oh, hey there!

I’m Lindsey, and I LOVE creating and setting up online sales funnels.

In fact, it is my jam!

While others might run the other way when it comes to tech, I get excited.

And I know that the tech is the place that most people get stuck when it comes to launching their very own SLO funnel (or Lead Launchpad as I like to call them).

So don’t worry. You are in very good hands.

I am always learning, experimenting, and improving on my skills, so I can better serve my clients.

In fact, that is the main reason I became a Certified Master Marketer.

So are you ready?

Start Saying Goodbye to Freebie Seekers and Hello to Buyers with a Lead Launchpad VIP Day!

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