10 Ways to Save Time with ClickUp

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ClickUp is my favorite project management tool for so many reasons.

One of those reasons is that it saves me so much time in my business.

And with everything going on in my business, anything that saves me time is totally worth it.

10 Ways to Save Time with ClickUp

  1. Recurring Tasks – ClickUp has two types of recurring tasks. You can repeat on a schedule or repeat based on a reaching a certain status. Then you can choose to either create a new task or just change the due date. I love just changing the due on things I do every day such as engaging in my Facebook group because I don’t need to hundreds of completed engagement tasks.
  2. Templates – You can create templates for just about anything in ClickUp, including spaces, lists, tasks, checklists and statuses. Templates save you time because you don’t have to start from scratch each time.
  3. Customizable Views – This is one of my favorite features in ClickUp. You can create customizable views full with filters and sorting to make sure you see exactly what you want. You can actually save these views so you can access them with a single click.
  4. Favorites View – When you have a lot going on in your ClickUp account, like having multiple spaces with multiple folders and multiple lists each, then it is easy to waste time just navigating to where you need to go. If there is a certain view that you frequently use, be sure to set it to your favorites. This makes it accessible through the favorites bar so you don’t have to go digging.
  5. Task Tray – While the Favorites View is great for views you want to easily access, the task tray is great when you are switching between multiple tasks. You can pin a task to the task tray and access it with a click of a button. It is a great time saver.
  6. Custom Statuses – When you are working on a team or have a team of your own, you want to be able to see the status of a task quickly. With Custom Statuses you can set the different statuses for each of your lists. Your podcast editorial calendar will have different statuses than your social media one (because it just isn’t as complicated). I love this feature because it allows me to see the status of a project in a quick glance.
  7. Task Dependencies – This is another important feature when you are working with multiple people. I’m sure you’ve had a project when you can’t start your part until someone else finished theirs. Well nothing is worse than wasting time trying to figure out if you can start work on your part. Dependencies help let you know if something is ready to work on.
  8. Multitask Toolbar – Sometimes you need to change the assignee or due date or status or more of several tasks. It is such a waste of time to update each on individually. ClickUp has an amazing multitask toolbar that lets you add watchers, add assignes, update the due date, change the status, convert to tasks/subtasks, add tags, set priority, move tasks, archive tasks and delete tasks.
  9. Remapping Due Dates – Having to push a project back is nothing new when it comes to business. Things happen. Another HUGE time waster is when you have a task with a ton of subtasks that all have dates. In most platforms, when you change the date of the task, the subtasks remain the same. So you need to update their dates manually. But with ClickUp you can have it remap the due dates based on the task. I use this feature a lot and love it.
  10. Customizable Notifications – Having too many notifications causes too much noise and junk to go through, not enough notifications and you have to spend time searching for the information you need or you miss stuff. With ClickUp you have so much control over what and how you get notified. This makes it very personal to you and to what you care about.

With all of these features and more, ClickUp can save you so much time in your business. It is one tool I simply can’t live without!

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Do you use ClickUp?

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