5 Ways ClickUp Changed My Business

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I use to have to-do lists everywhere! From random sheets of paper to napkins to notebooks to Evernote to documents on my computer. I was a hot mess. Then I came across Asana and I absolutely loved it. It helped me get organized and helped me keep a pulse on my business.

But then things happened. I was overbooking myself and personal due dates were not being met and I had an overwhelming amount of overdue tasks. My to-do list was now giving me anxiety. And while I still love Asana, it became pretty clear that it was missing some features I needed.

That is when I decided to really look into ClickUp. I had heard about it a few months beforehand but I was still on my Asana high and didn’t see a reason to mess with something that was working.

Once I dug into ClickUp, my business changed. And I am going to share with you those reasons.

5 Ways ClickUp Changed My Business

1. I Have A Newly Organized Business Home

I had a great set up with Asana, but some things just didn’t work the way I wanted. With ClickUp, I was able to organize my to-do lists in a way that made sense.

I was able to group all of my content related tasks together in one folder while having different workflows for each. That meant I could look at just my blog content on a calendar OR I could see all of my content (blog, email marketing, upcoming podcasts, etc.) on one calendar. This was a game changer. I was no longer limited to viewing each individually or having to have everything on one list.

2. I Am Able To Save Time with Templates (without cluttering up my lists!)

The best way to save time in your project management tool is by creating templates.

The best part about ClickUp is that you can save templates for Spaces, Folders, Lists, Tasks, Checklists, Custom Statues, and Custom Views!

And these are actual templates, these aren’t tasks labeled TEMPLATE taking up space on my board.

3. I Can Push Back Due Dates with Ease

This might be one of my favorite features – subtask remapping!

I don’t know about you, but I tend to overestimate my capacity and tend to assign myself way too much stuff to work on at once or underestimate the time a task will take. ClickUp makes it super easy to change dates.

In Asana, if I took the time to create a task with a bunch of subtasks and had to push it back (or even move it forward) then I would have to manually change every single subtask date. Can you say waste of time?

With ClickUp, I can turn on subtask remapping. This will automatically update the subtasks dates based on the new task due date.


4. I Have Access to Features That Many Tools Make You Pay For

ClickUp is like Asana on steriods. You get templates, dependencies, multiple assignees and more that you either have to pay for on other tools or they don’t have in general.

This is the most customizable and capable project management tool I have seen and you can do basically everything you want on the free version! There are some usage restrictions, but ClickUp is still one of the most affordable project management tools on the market (especially when you consider all the features!)

5. I Have A Tool That Can Grow with My Business

Currently I’m a solopreneur,  I don’t have a team, it’s just me.

BUT I know that it won’t always be that way.

I decided to go with a tool that can grow with me and my business. If offers all the features I need now as well as features I know I will need in the future.

I feel this is an important part that many people miss when choosing a tool.

Basically, ClickUp is the BOMB.com

I am all about tools and systems and creating ones that work for my business. But even more than that, I am super passionate about sharing my little secrets with fellow female entrepreneurs so they can succeed too!

ClickUp is my latest find and it is still a hidden gem in the project management tool space.

I hope you will give it a try if you are in the market for your first tool or even if you are looking to make a switch from your current platform!

So if you are ready to organize your business and life with ClickUp, sign up for this AMAZING course for JUST $97!

So tell me, what project management tool do you use?

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