ClickUp: The Best Kept Secret in Project Management Tools

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My business completely changed when I started using a project management tool on a daily basis.

I began to actually FINISH things I started and knock things off of my to-do list left and right. I stopped forgetting to do the little things, and I literally turned into a productivity powerhouse.

ClickUp: The Best Kept Secret in Project Management Tools

If you are still on the fence on why you need a project management tool in your life, check out these 6 reasons.

All of last year, you could consider me a hardcore Asana fan. In fact, it is still one of my favorite tools out there.

It has been my tool of choice for awhile now.

But things changed toward the end of the year when I decided to give a tool called ClickUp a try.

I had known about it for sometime, but my love for Asana was so strong. I slowly started testing the features and learning what it was all about and let me just tell you I was completely HOOKED!

So, what is ClickUp?

ClickUp is a project management tool (or as they like to say THE productivity platform). It is in my opinion the best kept secret of project management tools out there today. It gives you a place to create, plan, and organize. It is a better way to manage your business.

Why ClickUp Is The Best Project Management Tool

Let me count the ways.

I am not even joking, there are so many reasons why ClickUp is the best project management tool on the market right now.

  1. There is a free forever option.
  2. It is SUPER customizable from the unique ClickUp hierarchy to custom statuses, custom fields, custom views, custom notification settings and more.
  3. Dependencies are included in the free plan! No need to pay for this feature.
  4. The task tray helps keep tasks minimized that you are actively working on so you never have to open a new tab again.
  5. They are always updating and improving and they *gasp* listen to their users!

I could go on, but I highly recommend you check them out.

Want to set up your ClickUp account for success?

I’ve created just the thing for you! In #GSD with ClickUp, I not only show you the ins and outs of the platform but also how to set up your account, so sign up for this AMAZING course for JUST $97!

So tell me, do you use ClickUp? If not, what is your favorite project management tool?

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ClickUp: The Best Kept Secret in Project Management Tools
ClickUp: The Best Kept Secret in Project Management Tools
ClickUp: The Best Kept Secret in Project Management Tools


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