How to Organize Your Business with Airtable, ClickUp and Google Drive

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Running a business is such a whirlwind. You have so many things to keep track of, to manage and to just get done.

It is so easy to get overwhelmed with it all.

Luckily I have found three systems that help me stay organized and be productive in my business – I call them my power trio!

The three tools I use to organize my business are Airtable, ClickUp and Google Drive.

You might be asking… Why three different tools?

I have yet to find a tool that does everything really well. Google Drive is a great place for file storage, ClickUp is the best project management tool and AirTable is thrown into the mix to help organize complex data (it is like a spreadsheet on steroids!)

How to Organize Your Business with Airtable, ClickUp and Google Drive

Project Management in ClickUp

If you run a business, you need a project management tool. A good tool helps you stay organized, set a schedule to actually get things done, keeps you accountable and helps you stop working out of your inbox.

ClickUp is my top choice, but I know it isn’t for everyone. But here are 5 features that I believe your project management system MUST have.

I use ClickUp to break down all of my tasks, basically everything I need to get done in my business from client work to writing blog posts to planning and review. It keeps me accountable on a daily basis so that I make sure I am moving forward with all of the things I need to get done.

While ClickUp is great, sometimes you need a place to store your business files. That is where the next tool comes in…

Business File Storage in Google Drive

While you can attach files (and even create documents!) in ClickUp, the storage quickly adds up and they just aren’t as easily find-able. So you need a place where you can organize and quickly find your files.

My favorite is Google Drive (it comes as part of GSuite). It is much cheaper to pay for extra storage in Google Drive than it is in a project management tool. PLUS the organization is much better.

I use Google Drive to store everything from my templates, social media graphics, blog post outlines, final version and working files for my digital products, stock photography and more.

I based my system off of this post from Megan Minns, who created hers based off of Maya Elious’ version.  I will be sure to share my take in another post!

I also use Google Drive for when I need to create typical spreadsheets, ones that need calculations such as my website, social media and email marketing stats.

But sometimes I need something a little more powerful, a tool that can allow me to manipulate the way I view the data. That is where Airtable comes in.

Database Creation in Airtable

Airtable is an incredible tool. It allows you to input your data and look at the same data is so many different ways.

I use Airtable to keep track of my content calendar and planning (though I use ClickUp to make sure I actually get them done), it acts as a content hub. I’ve also created bases to keep track of expenses and easily see how much I am spending in each category, to keep track of all my online courses and trainings so I can see which category they are in and if I’ve started or not, and also to keep track of big projects like when I am designing a website for a client.

I’ve seen people use it as their CRM and their project management tool, but I don’t think it is robust enough for that. It is however a great supplement to my existing tools.

I hope this post shows you how to organize your business with my power trio of of ClickUp, Google Drive and Airtable!

They are my sweet spot for organization. I like to make sure I am using tools for their strengths, because I’ve learned not every tool can do everything you need!

If ClickUp sounds interesting and you want to get set up on the platform, then check out #GSD with ClickUp!

So if you are ready to organize your business and life with ClickUp and want to see how I fully set up my account for success, sign up for this AMAZING course for JUST $97!

So tell me, what tools do you use in your business to stay organized and why!

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