10 Reasons You Need a Facebook Page for Your Blog

Today, it seems that everyone has a Facebook profile – from your parents, maybe grandparents, children, coworkers, teachers to your neighbors. So that raises the question, “Does my blog need a Facebook page?”

10 Reasons You Need a Facebook Page for Your Blog

The answer is yes. Plain and simple!

Here are why 10 reasons you need a Facebook page for your blog:

1. Your audience is already on Facebook

According to the stats provided by Facebook, the site averaged 936 million daily ACTIVE users for March 2015. Also, there were 1.44 billion monthly ACTIVE users as of March 31, 2015. Those numbers are gigantic! It is a pretty safe bet that your audience is among the billions of users already there. You might as well try to capture their attention and engage on a site where they already spend their time.

This is probably one of the top reasons you need a Facebook page for your blog and business. I mean am I right?

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2. It’s free!

Creating a Facebook page is completely free. The only cost is in the time it takes you to create and maintain the page. And of course if you choose to advertise.

3. Easy for readers to “like” your page

All a reader has to do is click the “like” button to follow your page. They do not have to enter their name, email address, etc. in order to access the content. It is one less barrier, one less step. Think about it, have you ever decided not to follow/sign up for something because the process was too long or was requesting too much information? I know I have. Facebook is not like that.

4. No limit to the number of fans

You might be thinking that you can get away with just a profile page since that is what you are used to. The answer is you could if you have a relatively small following. But you cannot have more than 5,000 friends on a profile. So that means if your profile reached that number, no one else can follow. Plus you have to accept friend requests on profiles. The benefits of a page is there is no limit to the number of fans and you do not have to accept the request. If someone “likes” your page, it is automatic.

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5. Attract new fans

When someone likes your page, likes, comments or shares a post it is broadcasted to their friends. That means you have the ability to reach a wider audience. A chance to gain new fans that you might have not attracted otherwise.

6. Give your readers another way to follow your blog

As bloggers we know a variety of ways to follow blogs through RSS feeds and services like Bloglovin’. But what about the readers who are not bloggers, one that may not want to go through the hassle of setting up another account?

Facebook provides them a way to follow your blog without the additional set up time since most likely they already have an account.

7. Access to detailed demographics

Facebook pages come with Facebook Insights which is their version of analytics. It provides wonderful insights about your audience. It breaks down the gender, age, country, city and language of your fans, people reached and people engaged. Something you don’t have access to with just a regular profile!

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8. You can promote your page

You have the ability to promote your page and individuals posts. This can help raise awareness when you are just starting out, or want people to engage with your page right before you launch a product or service. You can do this pretty inexpensively too! You set your daily budget and how long you want it to run.

Plus you have access to targeting tools so you can make sure your ad is placed in front of the right audience.

9. Sell products or services

Did you know that you can sell straight off of Facebook? There are many websites/apps that make it pretty easy. You can use Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Wix just to name a few. This is something I have not personally tried, but may in the future.

10. Most importantly another way to engage with your community!

Your readers are probably already spending time on Facebook, if you can get them to spend time interacting with you on Facebook then you have another opportunity to engage with your community. Ask them questions, answer their questions, be helpful. Social media is about community not selling.

So while I mentioned that yes you can sell products or services through Facebook, your number one goal is to create and cultivate a community.

I hope you found this helpful and are ready to start your own Facebook page for your blog. Want to learn more? Then check out How to Increase Likes on Your Facebook Page and Should I Invite My Facebook Friends to Like My Page.

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Do you have a Facebook page for your blog? Let me know in the comments below.

16 thoughts on “10 Reasons You Need a Facebook Page for Your Blog”

  1. Meghan Gilling

    I do! I rarely see engagement through it, but I’m also really, really small so no surprise there. These are great tips though, thanks for sharing!

    1. I am working on a post to help increase engagement also going to be testing a few things to see what works! Hoping they will come in handy for smaller blogs as well as big ones!

    1. With the change in Facebook algorithm they have definitely cut down how many people see your posts. I am working on a post explaining that with tips. So hopefully it will help. 🙂

  2. I’ve never really though about having a fb page for my blog because I don’t think my blog audience is big enough to make the page worth while. I’ll definitely check back and take a look at these tips when I get started with fb 🙂


    1. I am working on more posts to explain the Facebook algorithm changes, how to boost engagement, and how to use Facebook ads. So when you are ready there should be a bunch of content to help!

  3. These are all great reasons! I refused to make a facebook page for my blog for the longest time but finally bit the bullet and made one. I wish I’d caved in sooner! 😛

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